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Once a building application has been lodged with TBC Building Approvals -what happens

  1. Lodgement
    Once TBC Building Approvals receives your building application our staff immediately pre-assesses it to check for commonly required documents or information that may be missing. This check is not a full assessment but it's purpose is to identify any obvious missing information or documents which could delay your approval.

  2. Assessment by a Building Certifier
    Your application is then assessed by our professional building surveyor’s who ensure that your application is compliant with the Building Code of Australia, Integrated Planning Act and relevant Australian Standards. At this point further information may be requested if there is insufficient information to grant an approval.

  3. Issue of a Building Permit
    Once all required documentation is received and the assessment is complete, a Building Permit or Development Decision Notice is issued by the Building Certifier. You are not permitted to begin work, until the permit has been issued.

  4. Inspections
    The building permit will state which inspections the Building Certifier has requested. Once you have reached each stage, you are required to book an inspection, which will be attended by one of our Building Inspectors.
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